2005 seems to have flown by and it seems unbelievable that we have been on the farm for nearly 14 years.  Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself!  There is always something new, like trying out different techniques to improve the health or breeding of the animals, or tweaking the cheese recipes to improve the texture and flavour.  The passage of time, however, can clearly be seen on aging equipment, farmer, and cheese maker.

We took advantage of the seasonal lull in cheesemaking to redecorate the dairy, and it was lovely to start the year in a ‘new’ environment.  The cheese making continues as the core occupation on the farm, although this year we chose not to enter any competitions.  Lawrence continued the regime of milking the ewes only once a day, and sharing the milk with the lambs.  The lambs were housed overnight, the mums milked in the morning, and the sheep family reunited on the pasture during the day.  Each evening the ewes and lambs would come down to the yard mostly unbidden, and while the ewes would head for the pen, the lambs would hold back until the barn doors were opened to allow them in for the night.  The extra time gained allowed Lawrence to get on with other jobs around the farm, and even, (dare I mention it), to go surfing.

The wool, as always is a joy.  The knitting wool continues to be a good seller, and my knitting ladies are continually kept occupied knitting something or the other for customer orders.  I have really enjoyed designing and making the cushion covers and throws from the fabric.  Each piece is different and ‘develops’ in the making.  Organic fabric is certainly coming into its own with design students and people with allergies being made more aware of the value of an undipped fleece.  Our spinners are relocating to Cornwall, so it will be easier for us to visit and actually see how things are done.  We have also had some of our sheepskins cured organically, and these are a really luxurious treat as a chair liner, or bedside rug.

We are still fortunate in having a small local abattoir with an organic licence, and we have had delicious lamb and mutton for sale.  Generally the carcasses are small and lean and very tasty.  We have also had some excellent beef and will have more available in January next year..

2006 will undoubtedly present fresh challenges and volunteers to the farm.  Those who visited this year gave us new experiences and seemed to enjoy their time with us. 

We wish you all a festive Christmas for 2005, and a very healthy and happy 2006.


Lawrence and Karen

Christmas 2005




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