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Organic Wools in Natural Colours

At Middle Campscott we have 4 different breeds of sheep which are giving us a variety of woollen products and possibilities. 
The wool is all organically farmed, the sheep have never been dipped and all of our products are naturally coloured.

Frieslands & Dorsets

Our flock of Friesland/Dorsets have given us a creamy knitting wool which we have in DK.

 Some of the wool from this flock has been woven into luxurious blankets.  These are light and soft, suitable for babies as the sheep were never dipped, and the wool has had no harsh treatments applied to it.  We have 3 finished blanket sizes.  The largest blanket is fringed and is 125cm x 185cm (4ft x 6ft).  The 2 smaller sizes are bound in soft cotton fabric.  Ideal for a knee rug, cot or pram.  93cm x 125cm (3ft x 4ft) and 63cm x 93cm (2ft x 3ft) .

 We have also had some of this wool woven into cloth, in three different weights and weaves, suitable for curtains or soft furnishing.

Karen makes this fabric into throws or cushion covers.


From the Llanwenogs we have produced a creamy aran weight knitting wool.

Shetland Knitting Wool

 The Campscott flock of Coloured Shetland Sheep consists of a fine ram with curly horns, about 20 breeding ewes, and their current lambs.  Each year’s clip is spun for knitting wool, producing its own unique colour blend.

 Over the years we have had a full range of tones from a marbled white to a dark brown.

We have this in double knit weight (DK) and 4ply.

Zwartbles Knitting Wool

 Our flock of Zwartbles sheep produce a soft, very dark brown, almost black, knitting wool.
We have also blended some of this with our creamy Friesland wool for a lighter tone.

We have both of these in double knit weight (DK) and 4ply.

 We knit jumpers to order from our own wool and are producing cushions from the fabric.

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